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Thanks for the Love!

We appreciate it much! 

Please help us get discovered by others. =)








Express your love for us over at                   or                       and for the time you give, we will give


you a personalized  mug of any design you choose. It can have a photo, some photos or a quote.


You can send us your own design or we will design it for you. 






There's more! Post on both Facebook and Tripadvisor and you will get personalized  4/4s or 5/5s case. This again, can have any design that you want. (As long as it's legal ;).










A post that gets over a hundred likes will receive an exclusive personalized photo bracelet. This 


bracelet can have as much as 9 memorable photos included.




















1) Click on either or both of the links to Facebook and Tripadvisor.  

2) Tell others why you like/love Morielli's.

3) Don't forget to "like" us in Facebook or "rate" us at Tripadvisor.

4) Viber/txt us @ 09175964400 so that we can log your post.

5) We will send out your personalized items starting June 1.

6) Each reviewer may only receive each item once.

7) A reviewer may receive all 3 items as long as each requirement is met.

8) Promo is valid till August. 25, 2014 -  Moriet and Gely's 45th anniversary =). 


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