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About Morielli's


It's Moriet and Gely!

​People often think that Morielli's stands for something Italian. However, the only thing Italian about us, is our pasta dishes. =) Morielli's actually stands for our beloved Dad and Mom's names - Moriet and Gely. They were high school sweethearts who  just celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary. Great Love is the foundation that binds them together. Family has always been their priority and all who have met them immediately admire and love them. We hope that all who honor us with their presence at Morielli's, will be blessed with the same luck, happiness, and love, that  our mom and dad share.

​What mom and dad have taught us.

​Sunday is family day. As a young married couple, Moriet and Gely have made it a point to bring their children to their grandparents' house for lunch every Sunday. In time, when the clan grew too big for Lola Aning to accommodate everyone in her house, those lunches turned to dinners at various restaurants or outings at nearby resorts.  Mom and dad has shown us, that to have a good relationship, we must Eat Well, Laugh Often, and Love Much. That tradition still exists. We still take time to bond together at least once a week. They've also taught us that we need not spend a fortune when dining out. That's a lesson we have carried over at Morielli's. We hope to be a place where family and friends are able to eat good food, and enjoy each other's company, at non ridiculous prices. 

Morielli's Father and Son Team

Morielli's was originally set up for the father and son team of  Louie and Mikey.  Chef Louie inherited his love of cooking from his Mama Caring. In turn, Chef Mario's enjoyment of being in the kitchen was inspired by his Daddy Louie's culinary skills. For the time being, Chef Mario is with his lovely wife Leslie, and his brother Mitchel in another country. 

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