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Eat Well, Laugh Often. Love Much

 For God's Glory,
Thank you for
Restaurant Guru's 3peat Recognition,
and the
4peat Tripadvisor Awards!


We are actually a Fusion Restaurant. However, our Mexican Tacos taste so Authentic, we have been recognized as the #1 Mexican Restaurant in Tagaytay!

The Restaurant

We have something for everyone =).

     Looking for a cozy breakfast ride destination?  Craving for some Pinoy Comfort Food? Yummy Italian Pasta?  Wicked Oreo for your sweet tooth? The Best Mexican Tacos? A Delicious Herb Roast Chicken? Authentic Sisig? Dinuguan just like how your mom or lola cooked it? 

     At Morielli's, there's a bit of something for everyone. Served deliciously fresh from the kitchen, with a crew that love their work and do their best for you. =)


The Inn


A quaint inn, where all 4 rooms have a queen sized bed on the main floor, and same sized bed on a loft. This makes it ideal for a couple, and great for a family of 4. The set-up makes it perfect for a group of 16, as it would make the entire inn their private hideaway.

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